" A picture is worth a thousands Words " / My Path

Never realized how a picture could change a life.

This brings me back to when I was a kid (7-8 years old).

We were at a family reunion in Petit-Goave (south province of Haïti) at my grand father’s house, near the beach. There was this lady from a foreign country (France or England) that was invited and holding an SLR at the time.

She was framing everyone. And when she stopped and me, there she changed my life. I’m sure she had taken the picture with a 50mm. It was my first time seeing a blurry background. That portrait of mine made me feel like a star.

By reviewing old family pictures I realized since then I used to hold a point and shoot (at the time they used films) to frame all events that were happening (a birthday or else). Without knowing I was liking it, behind the camera.

In 2003 while attending Architecture, I started Photography classes at CEPEC in Port-au-Prince. My goal was to get to the cinema industry. Architecture and Photography were the first steps. You’ll have more details on my pattern if you get to meet me someday.

Never thought you could be so creative by using different settings in a camera.

Then my audacity got me into working for the main Newspaper in my Hometown where I got to be fast, precise and clean. In my style you’ll be able to detect my photojournalism approach. Thanks to my boss and the time who helped me push my limits.

Meeting new people everyday, characters and learning to fit in to get the accurate moment, emotion was my task.

This is where it started. Developped my own business and became my own boss.

Then Life brought me to Montreal in 2006. Still kept the passion in that new grooving city. While attending Cinema at University of Montreal, Working in a studio for 2 years gave me the beat of the industry.

With all these years of experience, I’ve been through Portraits Photography, Still Photography and master definitely Events Photography picked up from my past.

Enjoy and feel free to drop me some words.

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As you can see through my eyes, portraits, events, weddings are just a piece of cake.

Not scared to go after, to create or to be fast on the catch.


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In 2004, participated in a competition, again in my Hometown. Category: Architecture. I won 1rst price in my category.

There I realized people were attracted to my work.

I had a lot of followers since then. People converted intophotography, loving the style and perhaps the personality of the man as a photographer . A few made it bigger than I now. Proud to have change their lives :)

 Feels like I did my part for people to appreciate the world within or around.

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